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2001 Tokyo Toy Show


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BBi and Dragon at 2001 Tokyo Toy Show

Tokyo Toy Show CyGirls

Look at that bike!

Tokyo Toy Show CyGirls

Judy Robinson eat your heart out!

Tokyo Toy Show Cyborg

Absolutely awesome. I MUST have one of those!

Tokyo Toy Show CyGirls and Cyborg

Say cheese, group photo time

Bimbo on a bike

Now that's a beauty, and the figure ain't half bad either!

Above are pics I found online taken from the Tokyo Toy Show. From what I've gathered these are new BBi prototype figures. By the look of those new figures, it's safe to say that the CyGirls are a hit!

The Cyborg figures are what really interested me, especially that awesome one with the big gun. Also notice how cool the CyGirl with space suit looks. I'm personally not into female figures at all, but that motorcycle is pretty smooth, and if they keep getting better and better I may have to consider keeping a few for myself.

I'll see about finding out some more about these fantastic new figures in the days and weeks to come.

Dragon at Tokyo Toy Show

Dragon Hummer

A Hummer in true 1/6th scale!

New Dragon Figures

Note the other NAM era figures, right next to the new Green Beret

Dragon had a pretty strong showing too. The surprise of the show was the stunning new true 1/6th scale Hummer, complete with engine detail, opening trunk and tons of other authentic details. One thing is for certain, no one will ever be able to look at those horrific 21st Century Hummers the same again after taking a gander at this baby! But I also have a notion that all that authentic detail won't come without a heavy price-tag. My guess it that it will debut for at least $250.

A bunch of new figures were also on display, including some stunning NAM era figures. I'm glad to see that they're moving into new terratory, because Dragon has done a lot for the WWII market in 1/6th scale, but really, NAM, Korea, even WWI and Desert Storm deserve their attention to detail too. On a related note, keep an eye out for our in-depth review of the Green Beret figure as soon as late next week.

Rod White

Hot Rod's Collectibles

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