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Pearl Harbor Collection/Gung-Ho-Grip Review


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Pearl Harbor Collection: Hickam Field Army Defender Review

Pearl Harbor Joe

Hot Rod's Collectibles

Hickam Field Army Defender Figure packaging

Hot on the heels of the release of the new "Mortar Attack" Joes with the Gung-Ho-Grip come the new "Pearl Harbor Collection" Joes. To my surprise I found four brand new "Pearl Harbor Collection" Joes hanging on the pegs at a local K-Mart, all of which feature the new head sculpts. Two were red-haired, one with bushier eyebrows than the other, and two dark haired Joes. I picked up the dark haired one that resembles Steven Segal, minus the pony tail of course.

This figure comes with a .30 caliber machine gun and tripod, ammo belt for the gun, 8 ammo pouches on a waist belt, white t-shirt, khaki pants, M197A1 helmet (looks like the doughboy helmet) and the signature dog tags. Quite honestly, I'm a little disappointed that he didn't have at least a .45, or something else to really take advantage of the new grip feature. The boots also fit loosely, so much so that they feel too big for the figure. That aside, the Gung-Ho-Grip is what I really picked up this figure for, and I'm very impressed with it so far now that I've seen it in action.

The hands are made so that the pointer (or trigger-finger) finger moves independently of the rest of the digits, and is hinged. The other four digits are movable and hinged as well. Both hands are made this way, so you can easily make a lefty shooter out of him if you like. This I like a lot, because I thought they might skimp and make the right hand the only one with all the functionality, but they didn't.

I tried a variety of weapons in his hands, and to my surprise he held them all fairly well. My only concern is that after time the hinges may grow weak and become loose, but since most of the guys reading this are more than likely collectors (like myself); chances are we wont wear them out as fast as a child might.

He even held the vintage "Adventure Team" pistol pretty good, but his other four digits don't close tightly enough to make the best use of such a small pistol, but it did look nice in his hands. Now, the awesome .50 caliber Desert Eagle (taken from a BBi "Cy Girls" figure) looked really nice in his hands, as did the weapon he came with and a variety of other weapons I fitted him with.

All in all, I like the new Gung-Ho-Grip, and although I'm not crazy about WWII-era figures, I do like this one, but he'll be getting transferred to a more modern unit under my command, as I see him becoming a very productive part of my SEAL Team or Special Forces unit before long. The figure was also priced at $14.99, which is fair for what you get. So keep an eye out for these awesome new Joes!

Check me out!

This Joe can even reload his Colt Python!

Gung-Ho-Grip in action!

Gung-Ho-Grip in action!

Pearl Harbor Collection: Hickam Field Army Defender Review