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Hot Rod's Collectibles

How do you like our products? Do you have any questions or comments? Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think.

Just click this address to send us mail:

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Rod White
PO Box 414
Rochester, PA

In-depth Ordering Instructions

Be sure to email us first for product availibility with the item# and item description. Once we've confirmed your product is in stock and ready to ship, then send your money.
Chances are if it's listed, then it's in stock, but still email us ahead of time to be certain.

We currently only accept Money Orders/Cashier's Checks and Paypal. We ask that if you opt to use Paypal that you include 2.2% of the purchase price, plus 30-cents. That's the exact cost of using it, so we're not charging you any more than what it costs us to use it.

All Money Orders/Cashier's Checks should be made payable to Rod White.

Additionally, we do not ship outside of the US. Sorry, but it's too much trouble to cash money orders from outside the US, and shipping outside the US is also costly.


eBay after sale instructions...

After an auction ends we'll send a detailed invoice detailing the shipping cost(s) and final winning bid price(s). When submitting payment you MUST include a copy of the invoice, or a detailed rundown of the item(s), complete with eBay item numbers, otherwise there will be a delay in shipping your items.

Please remember the we do not accept Personal Checks, and submitting a Personal Check for payment is grounds for an automatic negative feedback, as we clearly state the method of payment that is accepted in all of our auctions before hand, and Money Order/Cashier's Check are the only method of payment that we accept (NO CANADIAN MONEY ORDERS EITHER!).

Paypal is an option, but not a requirement, which is why it is not listed in our auctions. If you want to pay via Paypal we require an additional 2.2% of the grand total purchase amount, and 30-cents on top of that. As long as you agree to those terms we'll accept Paypal payments, otherwise send a Money Order. We absolutely MUST have payment within 10 days after the auction ends, or the appropriate feedback will follow, and eBay Non-Paying Bidder notification forms will be filled with eBay. If you would like Delivery Confirmation please add 40-cents. Please dont take offense to our bluntness, but its best we make these terms clear so that theres no confusion.

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